Monday, February 1, 2010

Genesis 15:5 - This is only one of many references to stars, how numerous they are. And to think that He placed each one in the sky, in an orderly fashion. Every time I look at the night sky, I marvel at God's handiwork.

Genesis 17:7 - God again made a covenant, but now He says this is an "everlasting covenant. I will always be your God. . ." God will never leave us. We are the ones who leave God. I'm so thankful for his forgiveness!!

Genesis 18:14 - "Is anything to hard for the Lord?. . . " I just LOVE this reference, knowing the answer.

Genesis 18:1-15 - God tells Abraham that Sarah will have a child. Abraham is 100 years old, and Sarah, too, was old. Can you imagine how you would feel if God told you something like this? I would probably be like Sarah, and laugh. But this is a true testament of God. He keeps His word.

Genesis 16 to 22 - Isn't it just like women. . . Sarah and Hagar not getting along. Sarah jealous of Hagar even after Abraham did what she asked. God showed so much patience and love with these women.

Genesis 22 - What can I say? God tested Abraham's faith by asking him to sacrifice his son. I can't imagine how I would react. I would be pleading "No, Lord -- not my son. Take me instead." But Abraham, we are told, didn't even question God. He just obeyed. What faith he had in God. If only I was a little like Abraham. . .

Genesis 24:1-4 - I Chronicles 1:32-33 - Abraham married another wife, as told in Genesis. But in 1 Chronicles, the Bible says "concubine", not "wife". Which is it?

Genesis 25:22 - Rebekah was pregnant and she actually felt the twins struggling in her womb. Then the Bible says "So she went to ask the Lord about it." She didn't hesitate. She just naturally went and talked to God. Isn't this a great example of everyday prayer. Shouldn't we talk to God, Jesus, as if they were beside us? Which they are.

Genesis 25 - 27 -- I don't quite get the whole thing of Jacob stealing Esau's birthright. The Lord said that Esau would serve Jacob. Buy why did he have to steal Esau's birthright? And it turned out okay. Also, Issac tricked people about Rebekah, saying she was his sister, not his wife. There are some things I'm sure I won't fully understand.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I'm so glad that you started a blog!!! Truly inspirational one at that.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I have missed your blog. Very interesting comments on what you've been reading in the Old Testament. I learn many new things every time I read through the Old Testament. Like you, I "wonder" about a lot of things I read. Your blog makes me think. Thanks for taking time to blog your thoughts. Faye